Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Things

Told Steven I'd post some pics of his new pup. I told him this a long time ago, but never did except for on my puppah post. But here are some I took when we stayed there family reunion weekend.

Jack sleeping on Erin's foot

Sleeping on Justin's foot (I guess he likes feet :)

Big paws!!

Oh, now I would like to introduce you to my new favorite ice cream:

Here's a few shots of Bear sleeping in the Element on the way back from the lake after the family reunion. I'm mad, I didn't take any pics at the lake. I guess I just forgot. But we had a really good time, and so did the dog. It was his first time on a sandbar and lake; he loved it!

I had a good birthday, pretty mellow, that's how I like it. Justin and I had a really nice dinner at a place called Woolley's in Bloomington. It's a really nice place. Best bread I've ever had; I think I ate like 5 or 6 pieces! Justin got me a slanket, and if you don't know what it is, google it. It's totally my type of gift - I love it. I believe it was created with me in mind. And my BFF Mel got me one of those edible arrangements! I've always seen them on tv and thought they were cool, and now I got one. You know how it is when the UPS truck or flower truck pulls up to your neighbors house and you're watching out your window, jealouse cuz they're getting something? Well, I was that neighbor this time. I secretly hoped that my neighbors were watching our their windows when the Edible Arrangements van pulled up to my house. Yay me! Thanks Mel. Oh, here are pics. Fruit was delicious and fresh and the choc. covered strawberries were great.

So that's an update for now. A lot of info packed into this one post. I hope you all enjoy it. This weekend we're heading to good ol' GF for a night and then to a friend's cabin in northern MN for their wedding reception. Should be a good time.

Peace out.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Like this Video

Basically, I don't really have to say much cuz they explain it all in the video. Some of you have prob already seen it, but I just saw it and I loved it, so watch it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to the Lake

Hello everyone! I can see my puppy blog went over about as well as a fart in church. All that time posting pics and the only ones that cared were B and Erin. Thanks girlies!

Well, I just wanted to post to let you all know that we're off the the lake this weekend for the annual Price Family reunion. Although I'm sure most of you that read this are going to be there too, but oh well. Sounds like it will be a nice weekend, hope the weather holds out cuz we're tenting it!

You should all check out Justin's blog, there's a link to it on my blog. We had a nasty storm come through here last Thursday and we had some flooding and lots of uprooted trees around our neighborhood. Luckily nothing happened to our house, but I took some photos when I took Bear on our usual walk. What a mess. The ones I posted below I took after Justin posted those, so they are diff than the ones on his blog. Clean up around here has been a slow process and everyday since the storm on our Bear walks we see people just trying to clean up their yards. I had never seen a sky like there was during that storm, it was like night in the middle of the day, a dark, eerie green color.

Went tubing with my friend Sam last weekend on Cannon River in Welch, MN. We had a blast! But I got sunburnt. You'd think for as many times as I've sunburned, I would have learned my lesson. Apparently not. Now I'm all bubbly on my stomach and chest, tiny little blisters all over. Awesome. And I'll be out in the sun at the lake this weekend. Should be interesting.

Today I was getting ready to take Bear for a walk and I decided to put one of my tank tops on him. He looked so cute, I had to snap some pics!! So enjoy.

See a lot of you this weekend! We're looking forward to it. I think Bear will have a blast in the lake!
Peace out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's Puppah Time!!!!!

As promised, here is my post dedicated to our loyal, trustworthy, lovable, and sometimes "I want to return you to the pound" dogs.

Oh, my dad's clothes smelly yummy.

Sleepy couch time.

Miss Kaya

Hello, my name is Jack and I'm adorable.

I love my mommy.

And my big sister is the best, she even lets me sleep with her.

My name is Rocket, no wait, I mean Sonic.

Whatta you got there? Look at my big puppy dog eyes.

Me likes to drink the beer then eats the box.

I'm a big lovable couch potato.

Sadie and Bear worn out after a long face wrestling match.

I'm innocent, I swear. And I'm too fat for this uniform.

Blu, Wayne and Margie's springer spaniel.

Do I have snow on my face?

Do yous like me new pink shorts?

Don't worry, if you have a pic you wanted to add in, just email it to me and I'll post it. So there you go! Hope you enjoy.

Peas out.