Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Happenings

What's up everybody? It's been awhile, so I thought I'd fill you in on what's been happening around here.

I finally got my ASHA Certification!! Yay. That was an exciting day. I got the letter in the mail 2 weeks ago. So soon I'll be getting my raise. And I already started doing VitalStim. I had a patient at Richfield that I did a couple sessions with and now I have a patient at Golden Valley that will be starting tomorrow. It's just nice to finally have my C's.

We got all new trim on the windows yesterday. It's really nice, but now we have more work ahead of us. The new trim doesn't go out as far as the old stuff, so we have to sand down the paint, fill it, and then repaint around all the trim. Then we have to prime and paint the trim itself. So it's not that hard of work, just time consuming. We're talking 8 windows! But after it's all said and done, it'll look really nice. I'll post a pic of the new trim later.

Bear has been spoiled lately and going to the dog park a lot. Now that the ponds are thawed, I can't keep him out of the water. He loves to fetch balls out of the ponds. Funny though, cuz he won't bring one back on land at the dp, but he'll bring it back from the water. But he looks so cute swimming his little heart out to get those tennis balls. He went to the vet on Monday for his yearly round of shots, nail clipping, and 1-year check up. The verdict is out: the puppah is overweight!! He's 55.6 lbs, they want him at 50. I guess it's still just hard for me to get through my head. But now he only gets 2 cups of food a day (used to be 2 1/2 cups a day). And we're cutting down the peanut butter kong to only a few times a week. Greenies he'll only get on the weekends. Our poor pup will be treat deprived! Oh, and he has mild dental disease. So, we've started brushing his teeth. He has poultry flavored toothpaste. And he loves it. I can't believe he doesn't mind having his teeth brushed. Can you imagine if we used poultry flavored toothpaste? I think that I'd like mashed potato and gravy flavored toothpaste. On a good note, Bear doesn't have heartworm! But he is a fattie.

So, I'm flying solo this weekend. Justin is going to a wedding in Fargo so I'm stuck with Mr. Bear. Maybe we'll try a little rollerblading if the weather permits.

I know this is a boring post, but deal with it. If I didn't post anything new, I'd get crap for not updating it. So make yourself enjoy this. The colors will help, and that's why I did it.

A blog without pics! AHHH! I'll try to not let it happen again. The fact of the matter is I'm too lazy to get off the couch and go upstairs to get the camera.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ice Cream Update...and More

Props to Ben and Jerry's for their response to Justin's email about the ice cream fiasco. J-wad sent them an email basically saying we know it's not your fault, but we just wanted to make you aware of the sitch. About a week later, we got a letter in the mail from B&J's saying they were sorry about what happened and they included these coupons (or koopins, as it were).

I used this coupon today, bought the S'mores kind. Haven't tried it yet, but am considering it this very moment.

Thanks Ben and Jerry! We 'preciate it.

This past Saturday we got the office painted. I now present you with a timeline of the event...
in pictures!

Pre-prep. Note all the trim and the chair rail that needed to be taken off of 3 walls, sanded, patched, then floated with joint compound. Who do you think did all of that? You're right, me. Ha ha. Not so much. It sure is nice to have a husband to do that stuff.

Here's Justin taking off part of the chair rail.

Bear's doing his part to help take care of the trim.

Chair rail and trim are off, sanded, patched, and floated.

Justin taping

Justin cutting in

Almost done with the first coat.

First coat done and drying!

Next two pics are the finished product!

Perfect for a baby boy or girl in the future! Green and pink and brown if we have a girl, green and blue if it's a boy. Yay! Maybe just another year or two ;)

What? You'd like to see some more pics of the pup? Ok, here they are.

Ok, more news later but I had to get this post done, it's been too long! Oh, btw, I know it appears as though Justin did all the work in the office. Someone had to take the initiative to snap some photos while working. Of course it was me.

P.O. homies.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I went to buy some groceries the other day and Justin and I like us some ice cream, so I perused the ice cream aisle. And what do I find but a delectable sounding Ben & Jerry's flavor, Vermonty Python. See below for description:

So, I bust it open the night I got it and dig into it with my spoon. Or should I say, attempted to dig into it. But it was like a rock. I manage to scoop out a bite; it wasn't bad, but definitely not great. Maybe even a bit gritty. I think this is odd, so I flip over the container and this is what I see on the bottom:

Eeewwww, gross. If you buy a thing of ice cream today, it expires one year from when you buy it. That means that this ice cream has been sitting in the freezer at Cub for 2 years!!! I returned it, and got some yummy (not expired) Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. I highly recommend it! That's my ice cream story.

We really enjoyed having Steve and Erin over this weekend. We did some intense grilling on Sat. Nice job on the strips, bro! We had some drinks and watched the bball game (I don't want to talk about it). It was a beautiful 66 degrees on Sat, so perfect day for grilling. P.S. Thanks for walking Bear on Sat. afternoon!!

The next morning, I get up, drink a cup of coffee, then go for a refill. Well, I can't exactly explain how it happened, but right after I put the creamer in, I have a hand spasm and knock my cup over, in turn dousing my phone with freshly creamered java. The screen starts blinking from the Verizon screen to a white screen, over and over. I take the battery out and try to dry it out. Justin puts it in a bag with some of those silica gel thingies (you know, those little packets that always come in your shoe boxes) to try to dry it. Well, then a little later, it powers up. Justin actually uses it to call his phone, and it works! I think, I should get my contact info off there asap. But then he proceeds to turn it off and all I can think is that it's not gonna start up again. Well it did, then it started sizzling, battery got hot, and it died. Never to be resuscitated again. Needless to say, I got a new phone. It's the Samsung Gleam. I really like it so far. Couldn't get a good pic of it yet, but check out Justin's blog for one.

We are painting the office/future nursery this weekend. We (I) decided on a color called Garden Spot from Behr. It's a job cuz we have to take down a bunch of crap off the walls, then sand, then paint. Here's a pic of the color, but it doesn't really do it justice, so just know it's better than it looks. With this color, we can accessorize for a boy or a girl! Plus anything's better than that ugly yellow color.

Below is a pic of the bedroom.

We have to take all that trim stuff off.

Bear loves his new bed! We got it from LL Bean. It's big but he loves it cuz he gets to stretch out! Isn't he the cutest pup ever?

Ok, I'll comment on the game. UNC was completely cold and they got themselves into a hole that they couldn't get out of. They made a hell of a run at it, but fell short. The only thing that makes me feel better is none of the starters are seniors, and I'm positive Hansbrough will come back for his senior year. So they should have a killer team next year too. I'm sad about no more bball for 7 months! :( Oh well.

Ok, gotta go. Hope everyone is doing well. I miss my fam, love you all!

Peace out.