Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things on my Mind

~ Don't describe triscuits as containing "soft white winter wheat". That doesn't make me wanna eat them.

~ People should not say "irregardless".

~ People should also not say "for all intensive purposes" (right Justin?).

~ If you want to unfreeze meat, you say "thaw", not "unthaw", unless you want to freeze it again.

~ When asked "How are you?", people should answer with something like "Fine, good" etc. They should not answer with the same question. I asked you first.

~ There is no need in the world to make commercials 100x louder than TV programs.

~ The left lane of a highway is for passing/fast drivers. It is not to get a better look at the other side of the field or to see if the cows on that side are the same color.

~ There is very little that is more awkward than walking into a male patient's room while a Vagisil commercial is blaring on the TV.

~ If it's not your own yard, don't play in it.

~ Revving your engine really loud when you see a girl is super cool. Oh wait, I mean it's not. It's not cool at all. I don't think you are cool when you do this. In fact, pretty sure it has the opposite effect on me.

~ If you don't want to wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle, that's your choice. But I won't feel sorry for you when your splatter your brains on the concrete.

~ Know when to use "too" vs. "to" and "there" vs. "their" vs. "they're"

~ "Save $15.00 off" doesn't make any sense. It's one or the other bitches.

Trust that I will add more to this list as I think of them. So keeping checking back, peeps!


~ The word is 'height', there is no 'h' at the end of it. Get it straighth.

~ Do not put your tabs on your license plate in any sort of design. This is silly. They are not for decoration.

~ Use the word 'literally' in the right way. For example: 'She literally charmed the pants off him.' So, she was so charming that he stood there listening to her and decided it was time to depants? I doubt it.

~ I would rather you use no commas instead of too many in the wrong places. An example of a sign I saw in the shower at the lake: 'Please pull curtain, inside ledge when showering.' Same goes for quotations. What does this mean anyway?: Please "only" toilet paper in the toilet (sign in the bathroom at work).

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Upcoming Events

We had a good 4th of July weekend, not too exciting but that's ok. Pics can be seen on Facebook. I had to work Friday, Justin had it off and got some stuff done. Saturday was a washout for the first half of the day. I walked Bear, then Justin and I decided to go to Kohl's. It downpoured while we were there and Justin ended up getting a call, so we had to leave. I came home and made dessert - caramel apple pie - and then it cleared up and the sun came out. We got our kabobs going, but since it had rained, it was too wet to sit outside and eat. But it was delish! That night we sat on the deck for a bit to see if we could see some fireworks, but no luck. Plus Bear was a little on edge with all the noise. So we went in and played some Wii. I managed to finish off a bottle of champagne, and Justin did a number on the gin. Fun night.

Today I sunbathed and started to get things together for 10klf. Justin washed and waxed my Accord and washed his Element. I helped a little. ;) We've got some steak stroganoff cookin' up in the crockpot - can't wait for that to be in my belly. It's been just a beautiful day. I'm on the deck right now, drinking a beer and Bear is laying next to me, loving this warm weather.

We've got a busy July coming up. This Thursday is the ProStep (company I work for) picnic at Como Zoo in St. Paul. Should be a good time. Saturday we have a housewarming party to go to at Sam and Ben's in Blaine. The following week we leave Thursday for ND for the Price Family reunion at Lake Sakakawea. We'll head to B-town Thursday night and stay with Erin and Steven (hopefully Justin can get outta work a little early!). Friday we'll head up to the lake; it'll be my first time there this summer, what a shame. Can't wait to get on one of those waverunners! We'll head back to the cities on Sunday. The following Monday night I start volleyball - 4-on-4 coed sand - with Jenny Brummer. I'm super pumped about that. Then my birfday is that next Wednesday!! Which is also the start of 10klf, so Bri and I will be spending my b-day and the next 3 days camping out listening to some great live music. All these things will be good times and this is looking like a pretty super July '09.

I'll get lots of pics and fill you guys in on my good times! Happy July to you!