Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Off to Tennessee

Hello everyone! Just wanted to post and let you know that Justin and I are flying down the TN tomorrow to visit his parents. Sounds like it will be hot, but that's great for being on the lake! We'll probably do some swimming and tubing. We always have a good time down there, so we're looking forward to our vacation! The few days off of work will be nice too ;)

Got the windows of my car tinted. Looks pretty sweet. They did a great job. I'll take some pics later and post them - prob when I get back.

Went to the MN State Fair with my friend Sam tonight. I am not all that interested in much of the shopping, although I did get a cool ceramic turtle there (again, I'll post a pic later). I mostly go for the food! Last year, we had deep fried pickles, deep fried cheese curds, Sweet Martha choc. chip cookies, and I had a deep fried Milky Way. See the theme there? Sad. Anyway, this year I wanted to try some new stuff. Here's what I had: curly fries with chili and cheese, cheese curds (couldn't pass those up), a funnel cake, and choc. covered cheesecake on a stick (cuz everything there is 'on a stick'). Now I have some serious gut rot, but you know, you only get to eat stuff like that once a year, so it was enjoyable. Holy crap a lot of people go to the fair.

And I want to wish a Happy Golden Birthday to my bff Melissa! We hung out this past weekend in Fargo and had a good time drinking in the hotel room and then playing some Big Buck Hunter at OC :) Hope you had/have a great b-day and I love you!

I'll post some pics of Tenn when I get back too. I hope everyone has fun working while I vacay!


P.S. Vote on my poll now, and then come next March, we'll see who wins! But no prizes, sorry.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New Baby!!

Guess what, everyone?!?!? I got a NEW CAR on Monday night! Woohoo! It is a 2008 Honda Accord EX, mystic green metallic. It's a sweet a** ride, so smooth. I've never had a new car, so this is awesome! It's wonderful. Here are some pics:

We also got a new vacuum cleaner, a Dyson, it the DC18 slim. It's pretty sweet. Check out Justin's blog to see what the Dyson pulled out of our seemingly clean carpet. Yuck!! It's not the 'ball' but it has the same movements as it. Pretty sweet.

Went to Valley Fair last weekend with some girls from work. We had a great time and I realized two things: 1) I love roller coasters and 2) I am a screamer on scary rides. We only live about 15 mins from VF, so that's cool. It's not Justin's kind of thing, so any of you want to come on down and go to VF, I'm up for it!!

We're heading to Tenn at the end of this month to visit Justin's parents. I'm excited to get down there to see them and hang out on the lake in the Tennessee summer.

Here is the sleepy puppy.

AAAHHH I got a new car!! Ok, still very excited. Talk to you all later!