Saturday, January 30, 2010

Interesting Saturday Dog Walk

So I was taking Bear for a walk today on one of our usual routes. We passed by the house where his puppy girlfriend lives (one of the many!). Her name is Elle, she's about 4 or 5, some kind of mutt, but she's gorgeous. From the minute they met a couple years ago, they loved each other. We walk by and she comes bolting out to the street to see Bear. She's off leash and just running around the yard. We say hi and 'visit' for a bit. Then we try to keep walking, but she wants to play and she's following us down the block. No owner in sight. So we take her back to the house and knock on the screen door. The front door is open and I can hear the TV blasting. I knock on the door several times - no answer. There isn't a doorbell. So I pound louder and louder, still no answer. So I look in through the screen door and I can see someone laying on the couch. I open the door a little and call out to the guy and knock really hard on the inside door. Nothing. I'm starting to get a little worried, but I can see him breathing. So I yell out to him, "Excuse me sir!" I'm literally like a foot from his head. He stirs a little but that's about it. I bring Elle inside and notice an open bag of dog food by the door. Well, now I know he's alive, so I decide to continue on my walk. I get Bear home and get showered up cuz I was running some errands. I decided to go back and check on the guy, make sure everything was kosher. I was also concerned that Elle was going to eat all that dog food since the bag was open. I know Bear would probably eat himself to death in that situation! So I go back and when I pull up I see Elle at the door, licking her lips. She was probably munching away on that food. Anyway, I knock on the door really loud again. I can see him still laying on the couch. So this time I go in. I'm about 6 inches from his face, practically yelling at him. Finally I shake him, he wakes up a little and looks at me. I ask him if he's alright and he mutters 'yeah' but then rolls right back over. I shake him again and ask him if he's a diabetic (thinking maybe his blood sugars are too low and he's in a diabetic coma). I think he said 'no'. He's still not getting up, so I close the bag of dog food and decide to go talk to his neighbors. So his neighbor tells me the guy is a huge drunk and has done this several times. Apparently, there's been many occasions when they've had to let Elle in so she doesn't freeze to death outside. I guess he's been taken to the hospital a bunch and tried rehab but it didn't work. The neighbor said there's a lady that comes and checks on him sometimes, and he called her earlier but said he was going to call her again. So, that's my interesting Saturday Dog Walk. You know, it's funny because you walk by all these houses when you're out walking the dog, and you never know people's stories until something like this happens. Well, I'll let you know if I find out anything more about what happened. Poor Elle, I want to adopt her. I think she'd have a better life with us.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Get Your Drank On

Hello all! A gloomy Saturday it is. Rain, freezing rain, sleet, and wind - all day long. Managed to get the dog walked in the hour window that it wasn't doing any of the above. So apparently my blog posting theory was proven wrong. Oh well. All I can say is I'll do my best.

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Saturdays. I love the weekend. I love not working. I love sleeping in (yeah, sometimes till 11:30 and I'm not ashamed). I love making big breakfasts. I love drinking coffee and relaxing on the couch. I love couch time in the evening and drinking adult beverages. I love staying up late.

So, tonight I made a little trip to a liquor store down in Burnsville, about 20 mins SE of us, called Blue Max Liquors. They have something like 1200 different kinds of beer. Justin had been there awhile ago and got me this delicious strawberry beer, so I decided to go get me some more. Here she is:

While I was there, I also picked up a bottle of Samuel Smith's Organic Cider. Thought that would be yummy too. Take a looksy:

Well, I'm ready to crack open a bottle and go get my drank on. Have a wonderful night. GO VIKES!

I'll leave you with (yeah, you guessed it) a pic of my precious, handsome, dingleberry of a dog.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Doggie Post

Let's start out by addressing the poll question from last week. A whopping ONE of you got it right. It was......a big fat juicy rabbit! Judging by the timing of that vote, I think it was Brenda. Am I right? Yeah, my goober of a dog sat at the patio door low growling at a rabbit for nearly a half hour the other day. The funny part is it wasn't even in our yard, so if I would have let him out, he wouldn't have even been able to get it. The pup's been pretty good lately. I think it's been an adjustment not being able to go for his normal twice-daily walks because of the cold, but he's been really good considering. The old fart is going to be 3 in Feb! I can't believe it. He's growing up so fast :'(

On the dog subject, Mr. Sighsy McGrumbles got a new neighbor dog! We miss Scout for sure, but he's probably happier now with his mom and brother on a farm. The new pup's name is Charlie and he is a sweet, calm, handsome guy. I think he's around 3 years old or so. He and Bear have very similar energy levels, so they are good together. They play together when they want and chill together too. I think they're a good match for each other. Sometimes Scout would just be too much, all up in Bear's face all the time wanting to play and Bear would get annoyed by that. Here are a couple pics of the lil rascal:
I would like to hear your thoughts on what kind of mix you think Mr. Charliepants is. Oh, that looks terrible ending that sentence with 'is'. And as an SLP, I know it's wrong grammatically. But, you know what, I'm not gonna change it. So deal with it.
I have a new philosophy for my blogs. I think I don't update as much cuz I feel it's so daunting to have to tell all that's going on in my life. So, instead, I'm going to try to update more often with less info. Kinda like today's post. Focus on a few things, make them short and sweet, and hopefully that way I will be more likely to update more often. No promises, but I'll do my best! POB. Happy 2010!