Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Hello folks! Happy Halloween to all! We had a pretty uneventful one here. Not many trick-or-treaters, definitely less than last year. And if you're friends with Justin on Facebook, then I'm sure you've seen how we felt about this year's turnout. Anyway, I'm gonna post a few pics from our holiday at home.
This lasted about 3 seconds...
...just long enough for me to take pics.
2/3 of a family
Tuckered out after a long night of action at the front door.

Okay, so now what I want you to do is when you post a comment, I want you to tell me what your favorite scary/horror movie is and your favorite scene from that show. I'll start.

My favorite horror movie is The Shining. It's hard though, cuz I really love The Exorcist too. But I'd have to say my favorite scene from The Shining is, well I have two. The first is when Danny meets the twin girls in the hallway and the blood comes pouring in. And the second is the classic scene when Jack Nicholson hacks his way into the bathroom after Danny, sticks his head in and says, "Here's Johnny!" Pretty predictable, but hey, how can you not love those scenes?

Ok, go. I wanna hear your stories, peeps. I know I can count on two people to comment for sure - B-dog and E-dog. They both loooove scary movies like I do!

Happy Halloween/Daylight Savings Time!

And to me, November means winter, so I guess, Hello Winter!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Long Time No Bloggie

Hello everyone! We've had a crappy October, I have to say. It's been unseasonably cold and a lot of the trees lost their leaves before they changed colors. Just now we are finally starting to see the color change, and it's beautiful! Today was nice, 50 degrees. Justin raked, I bagged, and he mowed the lawn, so it's nice to have that done.

I've done one Lia Sophia show and am in the middle of a catalog show. Things are going well so far. I'm really close to meeting my first goal for my Excellent Beginnings. It's fun and I absolutely love all the jewelry. If anybody wants anything, just let me know! ;)

Can't wait for girls weekend! I'll be flying home so that'll save me lots to time driving. I just can't wait to see all my favorite ladies in Bismarck. I'd have to say it's my 2nd favorite special event of the year. #1 is Christmas. Turkey day used to be up there, but I haven't been able to go home for it for a few years. I still love my birthday, but they've gotten less exciting each year, unfortunately.

I'm bummed about my elimination from King of the Hill. A PTA I work with invited me to this pool last year and this year. Basically you choose just one team that you think will win each week. If that team wins, then you move on to the next week. But you can't pick the same team twice. The last person to be in it wins the pot. Then we start all over, even if it's the middle of the season. Anyway, we had 30 people in it, $10 each, so the pot was $300! by week 5 it was cut to 13 peeps. Well, then in week 6 I picked Philly. Damn Eagles lost. So I'm out. But I hope it starts over soon. On a brighter note, I won the week 6 family football pool! Tiebreaker, baby! Melissa and I also have our own little bet. We pick one game each week to put $5 on. We try to pick a game that we think could go either way. Well, unforunately for Melissa, I'm up $20 so far. But there's still a lot of season left! Don't worry bff!

So Halloween is coming up. Don't think I'll dress up. We aren't gonna do much, just hang out and have some beers. Our typical weekend night routine. That's what we really enjoy. We're pretty mellow people. Last weekend our friends Sam and Ben came over. Sam and I carved pumpkins. We made slow cooker beef stroganoff and baklava bars - both very yummy. But now the damn squirrels are eating my pumpkin! Little bastards.



Oh well, what can you do! I looked online about how to stop squirrels from eating them, but I was too lazy to actually do what they said, so I didn't. I'd like to catch those little guys on tape eating it, I think it would be entertaining.

Well, have a great end of October everyone! POB.