Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer Fun

It's been awhile I know. Busy summer times, especially July and August. Since my last post, we had our Price Family reunion at Lake Sakakawea. It was beautiful weather and we had a great time. Justin and I realized that weekend that we need an air mattress as we are getting too old for car camping without one. A lot of the family was there and it was good times visiting. Played some bolo and bocce ball on the sandbar, and of course rode the waverunners. Haha, I just typed wavefunners by accident. That would be appropriate too.

The following week was my birthday and Justin and I went to a place called 'The Melting Pot'. It's a fondue place and it's actually pretty cool. You have a burner on your table and they bring out pots for all the fondues. We had a cheese fondue with veggies, chips, bread, and apples. Next course was a salad. Next was our main fondue with coq au vin broth that came with sirloin, pork, chicken, shrimp, lobster, and filet. It actually wasn't that good. We didn't like the coq au vin flavoring and of course everything you cook in there tastes like it. So we weren't that impressed with the dinner part.

We had a chocolate fondue for dessert. It was milk chocolate with crunchy peanut butter melted in it. It was served with strawberries, pineapple, brownies, cheesecake, poundcake, and bananas. That was delicious!

Overall, we didn't think it was worth the price ($150!). But we were glad we tried it; it was a cool experience. We think we woulda liked it had we ordered just oil to cook it in. For my b-day present, Justin got me a sweet ass watch!

The day after was my actual birthday and the 1st day of 10KLF. Well, I got on the road at a decent time, but an hour and a half into my drive I realized I forgot the tickets and my money! Brian already had to wait for me, and now I had added another 3 hours to the wait! I was so pissed, so was Bri, but what can you do at that point? There's nothing worse than getting outta town, then having to drive back, and then back outta town, this time at rush hour. Awful experience. Then when I finally got to Fergus Falls to meet up with Brian, his phone didn't have reception, so we spent another 45 mins trying to get ahold of each other. We made it to 10k at about 9pm and had to miss Widespread Panic (on my birthday!) to set up our campsite before it got too dark. But the weekend was great; we heard some great music, the weather was perfect, and we had a great time. Unfortunately for Bri, his car broke down in J-town on the way back home! What a crazy adventure.

Our campsite at 10k - everybody kept telling us how sweet it was
Gorgeous sunset (taken from our campsite)

The following weekend I went to my friend Sam's house in Blaine and we had a Daiquiri Day with our friend Jenn (we all used to work together at Morgan Place in GF). We were supposed to go tubing down Welch River, but it was only 70 degrees that day (at the end of July!) and we didn't wanna freeze. But we had so much fun and plan to do it again soon!

And on to August! Well, the first weekend we didn't do much. The following weekend I met up with Melissa in Fargo for a BFF weekend. The weather was crappy, but that didn't matter! We had an awesome time just hanging out, playing cards, and going out to eat. We need those more often!

Last weekend, I went to ValleyFair Friday night with some girls I work with. I heart VF. But this was the first year I actually got sick. No horking (sp?) or anything, but very queasy after round #2 on Wild Thing. I had to take it easy after that, skipped the Power Tower, but made it on Steel Venom - my fave ride! Brenda, Brooklyn, and Josiah came that night to pick up Talia who flew in from NC (she was visiting her dad) on Sat. We picked her up from the airport, got ready, and went to Como Zoo. The girls loved it, especially the butterfly house. After that, we went to Como Town, which is basically like a little amusement park for kids. The girls had a lot of fun on the rides. Sunday we went to Underwater Adventures at the MOA. It was really cool; I loved the turtles! And the sharks were pretty sweet too. The girls liked it too, especially when they got to touch the crabs. It was a fun-filled weekend! It was pretty neat to be able to take the girls to some cool places around here.

Ok, that should bring you up to speed for now! That was a long post, so I'm done now. POB.