Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Night

So, last night I had a dream/nightmare. I say that because it was awful, but turned out ok in the end. Here it is. Oh, and btw, I've always had super detailed dreams, so if you think I'm making this up, I'm not.

Justin and I are the park with Bear. For some reason, we separate and I end up by the road. All of the sudden, Justin comes running up to me telling me that Bear's hurt. He says call 911. So I do. Next thing I know, they are telling me he's in 'fair' condition. I'm crying my eyes out worried about my pup. Some time passes, and I wind up in a computer lab (? don't know why). This lady walks up to me and says, "If someone knew something about the situation, would you want to know?". I said yes! Then she told me, "It doesn't look like he's going to make it." Again with the crying, hard. They (and I say that not really knowing who 'they' are, you know how dreams go) proceed to tell me that I can go see him. At this point I've pretty much been bawling all dream long. So here I am thinking I'm going to say my last goodbyes to my sweet pup. I walk in the room and he's up on what looks like an operating table. The moment I enter the room, his tail starts wagging. The doctor walks over to me and tells me he's fine, ready to go home! What?!?!? Turns out he made a full recovery! The lady then comes up to me and tells me that she told me that cuz she didn't want me to get my hopes up. Wow.

Then I jolt awake. It's 6:56am. About 26 minutes later than I'm supposed to get up. I look over, and I tell you, it was the best feeling ever to see the dog snoozing on his bed. What a relief! But I was late. I hop in the shower and when I get out, the dog is ready to get up. He comes into the office where I was and I give him a big ol' hug. He just leans into it and starts wagging his tail. I tell you, I have a deeper love for this dog now. It's crazy how dreams can do that to you. So I leave you with this pic of my handsome guy (Mr. Fat Neck/Sighsy McGrumbles/MB/Mr. Caramel Rolls, etc.).

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bear and Scout

So here is Bear and his good buddy Scout playing together in our backyard. For those of you who are also on Facebook, I just posted a video of the two playing together today. I also want to draw your attention to the lack of snow we have here. Our yard has looked like that for about 3 weeks now. I'm sorry for all of you who haven't seen grass in several months.

Fast puppahs
Bear looks so vicious but he's so harmless.

They play like big brother/lil brother.

"See, it's over yonder."

I am so handsome. Oh, and I love the sun too.