Thursday, March 19, 2009

Old News

Hi all! Was looking through some older pics that I hadn't posted yet, so I thought I'd share them with you!

For the Superbowl we made beer cheese soup, guacamole, and homemade pretzels. We followed a recipe from Alton Brown for the pretzels. I used my sweet stand mixer and they turned out great. They were a little bit of work, but nothing too bad! Justin helped so that made things easier. Here's a pic:

We had a nice Valentine's day at home together. We always just stay in and make dinner. Neither of us want to deal with the crazy crowds. Plus, we can make just as good a dinner at home and it's a lot cheaper! Justin also bought me some beautiful roses and delicious truffles (seriously delicious). We made, well, you can see what we made!

Here are just some random pics of Bear and his backyard buddy, Scout.
When is this silly bathroom business going to be done?

Speaking of our bathroom remodel, here is a pic of all the crap that was in our yard during the process. It's all gone now, hallelujah! Did I spell that right?

When we were in Fargo at the beginning of March, Justin stayed with some friends. Here are a few pics of Shea's dog, Ragnar, jumping for the frisbee. He's got some mad hops ;)

So it looks like cheese was the popular option on the poll! I apologize to everyone who wanted to pick onions - I forgot to put it on the list! I'm looking forward to the day I can enjoy a juicy lucy.

Stay tuned for a new post with some pics of Bear and Scout in action. They played together today for about an hour and I got some good shots.

Have a great Friday everyone and enjoy March Madness! You know I will!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My 51st Post!

I know I've been slacking; that's why I had to remind everyone that I have done 50 posts already, so I have a right to slack.

So I'm sure most of you are aware of our big bathroom remodel that's in the works. If you haven't already, check out Justin's blog for some pics of the progress so far. The tile is amazing and since it's a small bathroom, it wasn't too expensive. We will have brushed nickel hardware and a granite vanity top. Our walls will be a burnt almond color. Tomorrow and Friday they should be able to wrap everything up. They still have to paint, seal the tile, put in the vanity and cabinets, and finish the custom-made closet. I'm so excited! But it's been crazy - we have crap everywhere in our house and there is a fine layer of dust over everything! Never before in my life have I been anxious to clean until now. It will be so nice when everything is back in order. Bear doesn't really know what to think of it all. Yesterday he sat in the dining room and barked at the debris. We will post some more pics when it's done!

Saturday I'm going on a Summit Brewery tour with some girls from St. Mary's. It'll be Amanda Simone (Fricke), Patti Snustad, Jenny Brummer, and me. I've never been on the tour before, but it should be a good time. We invited a couple others, but they couldn't make it.

Melissa and I enjoyed a very nice weekend together in Fargo. We didn't do much; we just hung out, but that's what we like to do best together! The weekend went too fast as usual. Mel's wedding is in 2 months! I can't believe it's so soon. I'm working on planning the bridal shower now, which is in less than a month. Everything should be a good time!

So our weather here has been cold the last 2 days, but I really can't complain to you Bismarckians. We had about 2 inches of snow on Tuesday on top of some freezing rain. We had 50 mph winds last night and below zero temps. Today it was about 5 degrees, but it's gonna warm up soon. By the weekend, it will be in the 40s and they say near 50 next week. Hopefully this is the start of Spring with no looking back!

Oh, I am super pumped for the ACC tourney this weekend! I'm DVRing the UNC game on Friday morning. I have to say, though, that the ACC is a good conference and I wouldn't be surprised to see a number of those teams put up a good fight. I relished in the sweep of Duke this year, which worries me slightly because a 3peat is tough if it comes down to those two in the tourney. Anyway, GO 'HEELS!

Alright, there's your update bitches. Have a great rest of your week everyone!