Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bird, Bird, Bird, Bird is the Word

Happy Turkey Day everyone! And Happy Birthday to my wonderful hubby! We had a nice Thanksgiving here in the Fox household. We slept in, then I made Justin's carrot cake, then we got the rest of our fixins going. Justin got the turkey and green beans ready, I made up the stuffing and garlic mashed potatoes. When all that was done, Justin made the gravy and I whipped up a cream cheese frosting for the cake. We sipped on some wine and sat down to our fantastic dinner. Here are some pics of our day:

Butter, onions, celery sauteing for stuffing
Justin checking the turkey

Our lopsided turkey

Potatoes and garlic boiling up

Bear longing to chase after some furry creature in the yard

The finished product!

Justin carvin' it up
Bear waiting for his share

Bear now scarfing down his bits o' turkey

The complete meal

Dessert: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Bear needs a big stretch after a long day

Sleepy nappy time after turkey time

Justin did a great job on the gravy, it was delicious! Everything turned out well, we were proud of ourselves. The carrot cake was intense, very dense. Justin liked it a lot; I thought it could have been a little lighter, but not bad for my first attempt! The cream cheese frosting was awesome. Overall we had a good day and I think Justin had a good birthday. This evening I gave him his present, a new black 16 gb IPod. I think he was happy.

A Turkey Day pic of us - I am sans makeup :(

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! See you at Christmas, or if you're Mom, Dad, or Brenda, see you tomorrow!! Love you all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow, but I've been doing some Christmas shopping lately. Well, what a discovery I have made. This is what everyone is going to get for presents. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Damn Facebook

Facebook has been making me neglect my blogular duties. I apologize. Hmmm, so what's new, let's see. Our neighbors across the street finished their fence in their backyard so the pups can play together again. See, their dog, Guinness, is an escape artist. He has jumped many a fence and invisible fences are no match for him. So their only option was to shell out for a 6-ft. fence. It was well worth it, as the long lost friends are now reunited! If you just say the name 'Guinness', Bear goes nutso. They are so crazy together, but it's great cuz they wear each other out. They look almost identical, except Guinness has white paws and is a little bit smaller. So, we're happy that they can wrastle around together again.

So, ever since I got my car, the brakes have squeaked. At first, I thought they just needed to wear in. But then they never stopped squeaking. So I took it to the dealership and they resurfaced the rotors. That didn't solve the prob. Then they basically told me that there's nothing they can do and my brakes will always squeak. Well, I found that really hard to believe. So, we took it to another Honda dealership in Hopkins. They did a total brake replacement and problem is solved! So props to Luther Honda in Hopkins for TCBing it (Justin hates it when I use that acronym cuz he says it doesn't make sense. I say that it doesn't matter if it does or not, cuz I like it and will always say it).

Big fat turkey day is coming up. This will be our first T-day with just each other! But we're looking forward to it, and we're not gonna skimp on the food. We'll make all the usual fixins; Mom will tell me how to make her stuffing. And I have a surprise dessert for J-wad! It is his b-day, you know. And I don't like pumpkin pie, so I'm not gonna make it cuz I wouldn't know if it turned out well or not.

Mom and Dad come down the day after Thanksgiving. We're looking forward to a fun weekend with them, topped off with the Vikings-Bears game on Sunday night! We have 4th row tix behind the Vikes bench, about the 30 yard line. I'm pumped. I'm gonna throw my panties at Adrian Peterson, and probably shake my boobies at Chester Taylor.

Well, I can't think of anything more to report. So there it is. Enjoy. Oh, one more thing, who voted for weather on my poll? 'srong witchoo?


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr. Fat Neck

This is my absolute favorite pic of Bear, when he was sweet and innocent. He's just a pup in this pic, younger than 5 months. Who would have thought that this adorable puppah would one day turn into a little caramel roll/apple pie eating bastard? Oh Bearcifer, couldn't live without him.

Note the much skinnier neck prior to his living in the Fox household.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Karma... a bitch. So as you know, last weekend we carved pumpkins. Well, a couple days later, Sam texted me to ask for the pics we took cuz the squirrels ate her pumpkins. I laughed, as my pumpkin had remained untouched by said squirrels. The next day, I come home and whaddaya know, my pumpkin was destroyed. Here are some pics of the damage:

So, I made a last minute attempt at carving the other pumpkin I had. At about 5:30 Friday night I knocked this one out in about 10 mins:

Not my best work, I know, but I needed to have something. You know, Mel and I carved pumpkins nearly every Halloween up in GF, and never once did the squirrels eat them. Little bastards. All that hard work for nothing.

We got probably around 40 trick-or-treaters last night. Nothing too exciting. I dressed up as an angel for work. Remember my angel costume, B? The one I wore to Vegoose. Oh, it brought back some memories! In honor of that, here is a pic of B and I at Vegoose, all costumed up:

So today I made a banana cream pie from scratch, it's one of Justin's faves. It's still chilling, so I'll give you the verdict on how it is later.
Right now I am watching the Shining, woohoo! Tonight we're going to watch The Incredible Hulk. Tomorrow I'm planning on doing a lot of football watching, but we must make a trip to Trader Joe's to buy some wine. Justin says we should get a case, cuz it's only $3/bottle and it's really good stuff - Charles Shaw (you've heard of 2-buck Chuck, well, it's $3 here). There aren't many wines we like, and we both really like this stuff. Then we gotta hit up Southdale: JCPenney and Bath and Body Works.

I'm sad that this weekend is going to be over before we know it, but that means girls' weekend is just around the corner!! I can't wait! I'm glad I'm flying home, it'll save me so much time and I heard there's a bunch of snow in the forecast - not for the cities or B-town, but inbetween, and I don't wanna deal with driving in that.

K, better get back to watching my movie. But I will leave you with this pic of Bear that I took about a minute ago. He's patiently waiting to go for his evening walk. I love the little foot hanging off the bed.