Monday, June 30, 2008

El Weekendo

What is up, peeps? Sorry about the delay. I know I say that every time, but I'm a busy girl! I spent the weekend before last up at the lake with my parents and sis, B-dog, and Brooky and JJ. It was the most beautiful weekend I've experienced up there in years! Sunny and 80+ both Fri and Sat and nearly no breeze. Saturday the lake was almost like glass so we had a blast cruising around on the waverunners. It was a great weekend just to relax, drink some beers (alchohol optional - ha), and chill out on the sandbar.

Look at this cutie!!

Fearless Brooklyn jumping off the back of the boat.

This past weekend I got a few things accomplished. I baked some banana muffins and a mini loaf. Delish. I absolutely love banana bread. Thanks for the recipe Mom! Here, enjoy this pic. Too bad it's not scratch-n-sniff. Haha, remember those? Oh and remember Garbage Pail kids?!?Good ol' GPKs. Especially the puking one and the kid going down the drain. Remember their names? Let me know if you do.

Went for a bike ride with my friend Sam around Bush Lake/Hyland Park on Sunday. It's a nice area about 5 miles from my house. It was a lot of fun, we rode a long time, and now my a** is extremely sore. But Justin and I are going to ride the River Bottoms this weekend. He said the best thing to do for a sore butt is ride again when it's sore. Just gotta break it in! But I have a tots McGee bike, here is a pic of it. It's wonderful having a bike mechanic for a husband, I must say.

We also watched a couple of movies this weekend. We've seen both, but we wanted to watch Fight Club in HD and we wanted to see Zodiac again. I think this is the 3rd time I've seen Fight Club and the best. Knowing the ending now, I picked up on so many little details that I didn't catch the first couple of times. That's a great show. Zodiac's good too, a little long, but I really like Jake Gyllenhaal. This weekend I think we're getting Rescue Dawn from netflix. Don't know anything about it, but I'll watch anything with Christian Bale in it. ;) He's on my list too, B.

Planning on going tubing weekend after next with Sam and possibly our hubbies too. We'll see. But it's kinda like Red Lake Falls, same concept, and about an hour away. It's on Cannon River and I'm excited about it. Tubing is always a good time! Unless you get hailed on, right Mel?

Oh, it was my 1 year anniversary of work on June 25th! I can't believe it's been a year already. Price family reunion in 3 weeks, that should be a good time too! And you know I have to mention my birthday in 22 days, woohoo! I'm old but I still like to celebrate.

Here's the hub and the pup. Don't ask. I contemplated not putting this spread eagle shot on my blog, but Justin convinced me to do it.

Here's a cute one to go with that one.

Adios, everyone! Hope everyone is well.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Binah

I know it's been awhile. I'd like to start by saying Happy Father's Day! to all the dads I know out there and Happy Birthday! to my sis Brenda, whose birthday was yesterday. Things have been busy like usual around here.

We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on June 9th! The year went by so fast. We enjoyed a very nice dinner at a place in Bloomington called Chez Daniel. An upscale kind of place, at least for folks like us :) We both got filet mignon and it was very good. We came home and broke out our wedding cake, we used the same utensils to cut that we used on the wedding day! I was way more into this than Justin, if you can believe that. Haha. Let's just say that the cake itself was not bad (also not great) and the frosting was inedible, very chalky. Definitely not as good as it was a year ago! But all in all we had a good mellow anniversary.

Here's a pic of the cake.

We have these bushes growing by our garage and I never knew what they were. They had these red balls on them that I figured would eventually flower, so I thought I would google it up to figure out what they were. Well, in talking with Justin about my google idea, he suggested that I don't google my original thoughts: red balls, bush because who knows what would pop up! Probably a good idea. Anyway, I asked a work friend (flower guru) what they were and she informed me that they are peonies. They are pretty but look kinda goofy cuz they're so top heavy they always hang like that. Oh well.

Now I'd like you to take a look at my impatiens. Look how wonderfully they've filled out! Go back to my post on May 26th and compare to now. I think they've done pretty well!

Today was my last day covering Golden Valley! It'll be so wonderful to not have to go to 2 buildings every day. But chances are I'll be covering some other building that needs help. Oh well, you do what you gotta do.

Justin and I bbqed last night. We have a butcher shop less than a mile from our house, so it's great to be able to swing over there and get some good meat. Last night we did garlic butter pork chops, hashbrown casserole, and veggie kabobs. Delicious!! We finished off with a ridiculous dessert: brownies, with a layer of vanilla frosting, then topped with a mix of rice krispies coated in melted chocolate chips and peanut butter. It was insanity, but oh so yummy. Here is a pic of J-wad grilling it up. It was a beautiful evening.

This weekend I will be heading to the lake! I am excited to get out on the boat and the waverunners. I seldom get to go to the lake, so I must when I get the chance. They say it'll be a beautiful weekend, so I'm looking forward to it. I was able to lay out both Sat. and Sunday this past weekend, very good. I'm getting color, it's amazing! Does anyone know if we're allowed to have fires out at the lake yet? I hope so, that just makes the night.

I am sad to report that Bonnaroo has taken a turn for the worse in these last couple of years. It has evolved from a hippie jam band festival to some awkward rock-metal-pop-jam-everything else fest. The 4 years I went were awesome, and I don't see myself ever returning based on what it's like now. I mean, Metallica?! Don't get me wrong, old school Metallica is solid, but they don't belong at Bonnaroo! It has officially become an event I have no desire to attend. R.I.P. Bonnaroo! I have a lot of wonderful memories from you! And I'm sure Bri and Mel do too.

Ok, better get going. Love you all and hope to see you soon!

Oops, almost forgot!

Ooooohhhh, he's a sweet puppah!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

June already?!

Hello! I'm back after a long absence, I know. It's been busy like usual. We are getting some bad t-storms tonight, will probably last through the night. And the forecast for the next 10 days has rain every single day! I'm really tired of it, although it's good for my flowers. My impatiens are doing really well. My geraniums have wilted but new buds are starting to flower, so I think it's all just part of the process. I want to get a hanging plant for the front of our house this weekend. Flowers just make houses look so nice!!

We were supposed to have our annual Pro Step (that's the company I work for) picnic tonight at Como Zoo, but it was postponed due to the storms. We're having it sometime in the next two weeks. Should be a good time. I'll take some pics if I can and post them later.

They finally hired another speech therapist for the other facility I've been covering, Golden Valley. So I've been going there and to Richfield everyday for the past 3 months! It gets old, let me tell you. But she starts on the 16th, so only a little more than a week to cover there. Her name is Sarah :( but at least it has an 'h' so that makes me better. Haha, jk.

So I like our new window treatments, but Justin doesn't. After he put the first one up, he didn't like them, so I said don't put any more up, we'll just take the loss (non-returnable after being cut to our size windows) and get miniblinds. But he put them all up anyway. The problem is, they are room darkening cellular shades. So it's basically pitch black in our room no matter how sunny it is outside. This past weekend, it was so dark in there we slept till 11 both mornings!! I can't believe Bear let us sleep that long! He musta been liking the dark too. But then when we realized that most of the morning was over before we even woke up, we didn't really like it. So now we have to decide what to do. The miniblinds we got for the bathroom actually look really nice, nicer that our old school miniblinds. They make them much nicer now. So I guess I wouldn't mind having those all over in the house, but Justin said putting up the brackets for the miniblinds was a pain in the a**! Here are a couple of pics:

Cellular shades that we have in the office and our bedroom

Miniblinds in the bathroom (better where there's more condensation)
We were maybe going to go camping this weekend, but we're supposed to get storms again. But we have some things around the house we want to do: paint the walls around the windows in our bedroom, get more flowers, clean out the storage room, clean the floors, vacuum out my car. And I want to lay out in the sun if it doesn't rain too much!! I did last weekend and it was awesome. Feels good to get a little color so I'm not so pasty white.

And the usual before I go:

This is as close as I'll get to sleeping on the bed.

Ok, gonna run. You're welcome for the update. :) Give me ideas for a new poll!

Peace out, my people.